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Posted 03/14/2016

Magician in NJ

Magician in NJ

John Carlson is one of the best and busiest magicians in NJ. He is also a ventriloquist, comedian and family entertainer. John has been performing for children's birthday parties for over twenty five years. He has performed at the White House in Washington D.C back in 2004 while president George Bush was still in office. He was even invited back to perform a second time. This was during the the Annual Easter Egg roll that they have at the White house every year. There is always thousands of people that show up every year and ready to be entertained by a handful of hand selected performers such as John Carlson. "It was a great experience to be able to perform at the White house where so much history has happened. It will be something I will never forget!"

Every time John performs one of his variety magic shows as a magician in NJ or anywhere else for that matter, he always puts on a high energy show that features magic, ventriloquism with many puppets, the magical appearance of a live bunny rabbit, music, plenty of comedy and audience participation. John loves to include as many volunteers from the audience as possible. Wait to you see the faces of the audience members, especially the children who get to help. They actually take part in making the magic happen, and that is what makes the show extra special. Moms, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa all love the magic show. The show is for ages 2-92 and each show is specially customized for the ages of the audience. The music that you will hear in the show is very magical and creates a special mood when the performance begins and also throughout the show.

Stretch the Silly Man Show is also a great show to see and maybe even Super Hero Magic Man. These are both competent magicians and it would be great advice to book one of them if John Carlson the magician already is booked. Since John is the busiest magician in NJ it would be a great idea to book his magic show as early as you possibly can, especially during special holidays like Christmas time, Holy Communion party season and Halloween. The whole idea is to secure the date as early as you can so there will not be any conflicting dates and times. This will surely end up with a disappointed birthday child or special guest of honor who may have seen John perform one of his magic shows at another event some time in the past.

Who does most of the hiring when it comes to looking for the greatest magician in NJ? Most of the time it is the birthday Mom who wants to make sure that their birthday party magician is the best that they can find for their children's birthday party. Usually a birthday Mom will only hire entertainment for their child's party once or twice for their kid's party so they want to make sure that they have nothing but the best. That is why it is so important that the research must be done so well as to ensure they have the right entertainer who knows how to perform age appropriate material and magic that will put the biggest smiles on the faces of their audience and that it will be a birthday party that the birthday child will never ever forget!

So to make sure that you have the best birthday party magician make sure to click here!

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